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Tuesday 12th
posted by Morning Star in Sport

CELTIC are the only one of the Scottish Football Association’s 108 member clubs to oppose its decision not to support a review into the Rangers tax case, according to SFA chief executive Stewart Regan.

The SFA wrote to member clubs last Thursday to announce it would not take part in a review proposed by the Scottish Professional Football League board which included an examination of “the way Scottish football’s authorities have dealt with non-payment of tax by clubs.” The SFA claimed “raking over the coals” would damage the game.

Celtic responded with a statement describing the review as “essential” and that not to do so would represent “a failure in transparency, accountability and leadership.”

The SFA did confirm that compliance officer Tony McGlennan will investigate whether Rangers should have been granted a licence by Uefa to enter European competition in 2011.

Regan reaffirmed the SFA stance at Hampden Park yesterday, declaring: “Closure is a difficult thing for some people. I don’t ever think there will be truly closure on this issue.

“It is too emotive and too many issues have arisen over the years.

“All I can say is that we are acting on behalf of 108 members. I wrote to all of our members last week and invited them to discuss any aspect of my letter to them when we notified them of the board’s decision.

“I haven’t had a single email, a single phone call or a single letter from anyone other than clearly Celtic Football Club and the SPFL.

“At every stage of the process we have had independent legal advice, some of the finest legal minds in Scotland; four QCs, three Law Lords supporting us, two independent directors on our board, an independent panel, a compliance officer that was actually dealing at arm’s length with disciplinary matters, so at all stages of the process independence has been involved.

“We feel that we have arrived at the decision which is in the best interests of Scottish football.”