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Fighting Fund with Ivan Beavis

A QUIET day here yesterday with £212.25 arriving to soothe my Irritable Tory Syndrome. Our modest haul has an international flavour with £20 wired from Illinois, US. I send solidarity from the Morning Star to all those over there battling against Trumpism and for the millions who are supporting the long-running trade union campaign there to secure a minimum living wage of $15 an hour. I also welcome £20 from Guernsey, an island where our paper is read every day and of which Mr Trump is probably unaware and has never played golf, so it should be safe for the moment. Thanks to a Swansea reader for £20 and to another in Ipswich for the same amount. Our Red Nut from Carshalton Beeches continues monthly support with £25. A London reader has sent in £10.80, and there are some little ones donated online. Finally £70 in standing orders and — all in all — not bad at all. Austerity is accelerating the hardship of the people. The Tories are battling hard to lessen our ability to fight back with underhand legislation that would enable them largely to rule by decree after Brexit. Furthermore, the government is pursuing a shameful foreign policy orchestrated by .... you’ve guessed it, Boris Trump! We cannot let them get away with it. We need every weapon at our disposal, including a daily paper that exposes their greed. The Star wins on every level politically so keep contributing to the Fund and let us watch the downfall of capitalism together.

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The rich don’t like us, and they don’t advertise with us, so we rely on you, our readers and friends. With a regular donation to our monthly Fighting Fund, we can continue to thumb our noses at the fat cats and tell truth to power. Donate today and make a regular contribution...