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What is an e-edition??

An e-edition is a digital version of the Morning Star's print edition, available in PDF format and as an App. For the PDF, all formatting, text, images and page furniture is preserved exactly as it appears in the paper version. The App contains the same text as the paper version, but is sized to fit your handheld device. Some images and graphics may not appear on the App.

What do I need to read e-editions??

Our e-editions are prepared in Adobe's PDF format. You can read the files using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader tool on PC, Mac and Linux systems. Macs, iPads, iPhones, Kindles and many other digital devices have built-in PDF readers and will not require any additional software.

When can I read the e-editions??

Our PDFs generally go live at a minute after midnight on the morning of publication. For example, the file for the 12 March will be available from 00:01 on 12 March. They will remain available for the duration of your subscription.

Can I keep e-editions that I've downloaded??

Yes, our PDFs are unencrypted, which means you will never need a password to read them and you can make as many copies on your device for your personal use as you like. You may not distribute these files without explicit written permission from the Morning Star.

Can I print out the e-edition??

Yes, you are free to print any part of the files for your own personal use. Again, it is prohibited to distribute these print outs.

Can I use my login from the Morning Star Shop??

Currently no, though we are working on this. You will have to create an account on this site in order to subscribe and read our digital editions, but you are free to use the same email address to register.